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Don't wanna talk just wanna draw
United Kingdom
Just can't pull herself together........

Current To-Do list

Current to-do list:… Progress decipherer.
No star at all: An idea, to none at all
:star-empty: : There's something! Not sure what under all those scribbles, but it's on the paper!
:star-half: : Anywhere between inked sketch to half coloured
:star: : Fully coloured/and neatened/yet to be/ -posted.
Not on list: Done and posted, or forgotten XD Bug me if it's the second.

Collabs with Derpika Kia and Scarlet Lola. My part :star: and rainbowgirl12 Kia and Sylestia in enchantix my part :star: DONE

Working! /not yet posted XD

Collab Star-Reacher Koralia and Alyniara's Hallowinx, betches. Kia :star-half: Aly :star: Kia just needs her monsters and we're good to go.
MyoMeit She's chosing later :) Kadxerys, waiting for full picture :3 Keep checking!

For Aramanth: Christine and Ogron…
For Suvi: Spielca…

0 XcubX Okashi Ripo gods picture :3 :star-half:
1 =AngelRaindrops 1/2 :star: Inked sketch, romantic pose. AshakixEcko
2 EnchantedFairytale Full colored ScarlettexKarim. Relaxed romantics the-angel-of-light.deviantart.… Outfits hair can be above the shoulder.… Scarlette isn't well endowed, more being a full B cup. Her waist is more pulled in, her hips are wider.
4~Valaint Coloured Xellae and Daxter
5 Gotwinx fullcolored! Kyle and Viva elfy feva :star-half:
6 Linlinah-Secretish something coloured :star: , Sketch twin picture of Ryana and Rikki
7 MagicalWinx 1/2 :star: 2/2 :star-half: Inked Sketch Believix Kit and Jeth FIGHT TIME also off-screen enemy.
9 Aneira enchantix… Draw braid thicker and longer, to about her knees. Flying is good! wings…

1 AT Niatayn- Boski Winter. hat (plus match gloves)… cat jumper… bag… pants… boots…
2 BloemEnchantix ???

Art Trade with SamoanVampCatt in new year, more outfit designs for silleotte type of Kia and Max
Antigonia's Ethel and Juno enchantix contest: march 15th (2013)
Antigonia sketch of Dude looks like a thoko and Lily

own stuff/gift art
Elfii lady.
Draw Koralia- it happens anyway, might as well put it on list XD :star: :star: :star:
CG in bought casual…
Update winx girls' formalixes - M T :star: B S L :star-empty: F
Territorixes - planning for Nia and some of the original winx girls.

Content Warning!

:bulletpink: I don't like to have a long to-do list, they make me feel stifled. If I put off taking a free request or trade or comission, it's up to you to get back to me on it. I am lazy and I will not seek out extra work unless I want it. :bulletpink: I don't do free requests except for very close friends/people I want to suck up to >:3 :bulletpink: I do do gift art, but gift art is stuff that I chose to draw, you can't ask for it or whine when someone else gets some :bulletpink: I do art trades and collabs with friends ONLY. And by that I mean actual friends who I talk to all the time and like. If you only want art from me, asking to be my friend will not get you any special rights, nor does demanding. :bulletpink: Someone taking any piece of my art work and colouring or tracing it to 'make their own art' I consider to be theft. I will be angry at the culprit and will report it. Crediting me as the drawer of the original image is in NO WAY a replacement for seeking and GETTING permission from me. "I credited you/Will credit you as original artist!' does not wash and will only get you extra wrath. :bulletpink:


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Like the barn owl, thank you for keeping 'a faithful vigil' - in your case on my page!  :owlnoid:  
Your interest and the fave are greatly appreciated SilenceLabyrinth    I love deviantART!
Please do keep on watching???   :)
StarlightAssassin Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Your art is amazing omg teach me your ways
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Happy holidays.;)
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