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I want you to want me
United Kingdom
*pissy sounding 'about MEH' bit, in which I try to sound professional and be all SRS BSNS about my existance on DA. Seriously. I sound so serious XD*

I draw all the time, by which I really mean as much as possible. No-one can really draw all the time. Mostly I draw cartoonishly, my 'style' (can I call it that as an amateur?) has been heavily influenced by an italian show called The Winx Club ever since I knew it existed. My gallery is rich with not-quite-right anatomy, dodgy or outright-ignored perspective and whitewash/missing backgrounds. I am bad with computer work, can't paint and my work only looks good coloured with letrasets because they are kind to it XD I would need a hell of a lot more work and focus to be an Artist and don't think I don't know that.
That being said, I'm not really here to be all serious about improving ^^ I am lazy. Half of all comments on my pieces are me chattering away. I rarely revise my work and am a pretty undisciplined drawer. However, if after seeing what I do you have anything to suggest, critque or advise me on, please proceed. I'll learn what I can.

I came to Deviantart mainly for an online place to keep my winx roleplay-work. I told myself I'd do some original stuff too but as you can clearly see, my favourite fandom kinda ate my early intentions. Not that I really mind. I can still draw what I want if I want to and now I have made some good friends and have here my main point of contact with lots of other winx fans, so I am happy with my place in it ^^

I do COMISSIONS. They are currently CLOSED
Progress decipherer. No star at all: An idea, to none at all :star-empty: : There's something on the paper! :star-half: : Anywhere between inked sketch to half coloured :star: : Fully coloured/neatened/yet to be/posted. Not on list: Done and posted, or forgotten XD Bug me if it's the second.
:bulletgreen: Painting of Mirta's enchantix by Prince Benjy :star-half: and has been star half for too long :I
:bulletgreen: Gotwinx fullcolored! Kyle and Viva elfy feva...-er... XD :star-empty: Seriously so stuck on this I have put it back down to non-star. Restarted twice now.
:bulletgreen: Lelocokoko- Kishiane in sophix design which is now hers
For Antigonia:
3 ocs in formalix,
4 ocs in full body, linearted drawings, any transformation (if fairy ocs, Can be Sailor Moon or Ponies or anyone :3)
2 fullbody full coloured group shots of up to 3 fairies (/still read as 'any ocs you want')
a picture of Juliet and Lisara drinking coffee and bitching in staffroom
and also one of Camily with her mama.
400 points also (short on points but I have plenty time to art).
I also offer design work for any 3 transformations/outfits/even wings you might want even though the thought of you NEEDING someone else to design confuses me you're so good at that XD

No more information is currently available.
More of my stuff, specifically Star Blazers winx RP drawings, can be found at :icontheyoungestdaughter:. It's getting old though.
We have builders in working on the house and it's easter weekend which is really really big where I work.
So I'm continuing to not properly be around for a while. But now with a proper excuse!


I'm sorry, I'm not sure why I suck so much at the moment.

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